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5 Countries. Multiple Sites. 10,000+ Tools.

Industries We Serve

We serve a large variety of industries with each industry having different material handling needs. We aim to understand each of those needs and provide cost effective off-the-shelf solutions or custom built systems.


Transporting nuclear waste, positioning a marine propulsion reactor, moving materials for nuclear research or relocating equipment at enrichment plants; we understand the need for reliability.


You will find our equipment at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Marshall Space Flight Center, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Dryden Flight Research Center, Langley Research Center, Goddard Institute of Space Studies and Ames Research Center.


As a defense contractor we have supplied our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have outfitted US military bases for the Air Force, Navy, Marines and Army here in the US and on foreign soil. Our equipment can be found on subs, ships, aircrafts and in the field. In addition we are an integrated supplier for various defense systems in production. We also supply the Department of Energy for national security applications.


We carry the largest selection of versatile tools for varying moving applications for aerospace to the automotive industry, for producing transformers to manufacturing toilet paper, for companies with 1000s of employees to mom & pop welding shops.


We supply tools for customers within budget constraints to move objects for research centers from Linear Accelerators to Earthquake Detection Laboratories. We currently have expertly designed lifting equipment at Harvard University, Stanford and MIT.

Fine Art & Museums

We offer moving equipment to move objects such as valuable statues or expensive fine art safely & reliably for installations in museums across the country including The Smithsonian, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston & the Florida International Museum.

Power & Telecommunications

We find solutions to move oddly shaped objects such as 200 ton satellite dishes, 100,000 heavy solar panels or a wind mill propeller.


We carry the tools to reposition a bridge by 1 inch or to move heavy structures and equipment in confined spaces.

Research Laboratories

We find solutions for uncommon moving applications in commercial to underground secure research facilities.

Shipbuilding & Marine

We provide industrial supplies to push and pull extremely large objects during ship building and maintenance in shipyards or underwater.

Oil, Gas & Mining

We supply equipment to move extremely heavy loads under the toughest working conditions on off-shore platforms, deep underground or in remote gas fields.


We carry specialized equipment to move large MRIs and Ct Scanners through narrow hallways without damaging floors in clean room environments.

Rigging Companies, Riggers & Millwrights

We carry all the load moving tools and equipment for riggers to do all of the above.

Corporate Headquarters: 4116 Rose Lake Drive, Suite A, Charlotte, NC 28217