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5 Countries. Multiple Sites. 10,000+ Tools.

About Our Company

The Toolwell Corporation is an umbrella company comprised of several divisions specializing in industrial load moving tools. Toolwell imports products from many countries for distribution. All business divisions combined offer a selection of over 10,000 items.

Started in 1999, Toolwell has since become the largest supplier of heavy load moving tools and rigging equipment in North America. Toolwell supplies 50% of the fortune 500 industrials including, 90% of the Oil and Gas industry, and all Fortune 500 Aerospace and Defense corporations. We are also proud to supply 12 of the 18 NASA locations, US military and US embassies worldwide, and the Department of Energy for the testing and production of Nuclear Energy including most National Nuclear laboratories.

Business Divisions

Our company is divided into several business units, each serving a different need, market and customer.

Geographical Markets

We distribute to the US (including Hawaii and Alaska), Canada, Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela. Please note that not all products and services are available in each market.

National Emergencies

Our main distribution center is located 0.25 miles from the Charlotte Airport and the Air National Guard. In case of emergency, we have the capabilities of airlifting equipment to anywhere in North America. Our emergency phone line is answered 24x7.

Corporate Headquarters: 4116 Rose Lake Drive, Suite A, Charlotte, NC 28217